Preventive Dentistry

Oral health is a key to general health. Many systemic diseases are interrelated to the health of a person´s teeth and gums (parodontal structures) and TMJ (temporomandibular joint). Keeping your teeth and parodontal tissues healthy not only helps you have a beautiful and healthy smile but also prevents a lot of general health problems.

We examine your teeth on a regular basis, preferably every six months and clean your teeth professionally. This also applies to children and it is our great pleasure to get kids excited about healthy and clean teeth.


Symptoms of periodontal disease can be bleeding of the gums and receding gums, with or without bleeding. Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and a number of other illnesses can be affected by chronic or acute periodontitis. Our goal in treating this condition is to help the periodontal tissues regenerate and to prevent loss of tissue and ultimately loosening or loss of teeth.

General Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry such as fillings, inlays and veneers with the material most suitable for the size of the defect and the tooth involved. The choice of filling material also depends on function and aesthetics and determines the price of the restoration. Allergies are also crucial when choosing dental materials. We work with a rubber dam when doing many of our procedures.

Pediatric Dentistry

We love kids! We fill all your children´s dental needs from sealing their teeth to prevent cavities to teaching them how to clean their teeth properly. We work with your children playfully with the help of a number of distracting objects. The paintings on the ceilings which Heather Bergfeld paints herself and tells stories about while treatment is in process are especially helpful in making anxiety at the Dentist a thing of the past. Many parents ask us to treat them like their kids after they´ve accompanied them to our practice.
We monitor children with a high risk for caries. Initial lesions are monitored with a special laser called “Diagnodent”. Some initial cavities can be treated without drilling with a method called ICON. Regular cleanings and fluoride applications are administered to effectively reduce the number of needed restorations. During orthodontic treatment we help your children keep their teeth clean and healthy.
In the unfortunate case of tooth trauma we´re there to help. If your child is into high-impact sports we will gladly make a mouth-guard to protect her from injury.


Root canal treatments using dental rubber dam are a standard and very common procedure in our practice. We use both manual and rotating mechanical instruments. We have the technical devices to measure the length of the canals electronically so that we can also treat root canals safely without radiographs (X-rays) during pregnancy. We also carry out very many root canal revisions  (removing and renewing incomplete old root canal fillings).

Aesthetic Dentistry

Professional cleanings and removal of stains with “Air-flow” and polishing are usually the first step to a brighter smile. If whitening is requested, individual home-bleaching trays can be made to whiten your teeth at home. In some cases chair-side office bleaching or internal bleaching of endodontically treated teeth are indicated. Please allow us to thoroughly examine your teeth and fillings before carrying out any bleaching procedure.

TMJ-Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome

We will help you if you have temporomandibular joint disorder by diagnosing your disorder and finding ways to relieve your symptoms. The adverse effects of grinding and clenching are often alleviated with splints, grinding guards and certain measures such as massage, exercises and changing one´s sleeping position. In the case of interferences in the bite these can also be treated.


The restoration or replacement of teeth is the subject of prosthetics in Dentistry. Crowns, bridges, dentures, partial dentures and implants can be involved. Our certified German dental lab makes high-quality, very precise restorations. In difficult cases like hard to match tooth colors or complex implant cases a technician comes to evaluate the work in the practice with the patient at hand.

Fear and Anxiety

We strive to make your dental appointment as pleasant as possible. We will treat you with courtesy,
attention to your individual needs, both as a person and regarding your dental treatment. We are meticulous in carrying out our work and committed to excellent Dentistry.
In addition to our passion for Dentistry, Art is another passion of Heather Bergfeld. Our light and pleasant rooms are similar to a small art exhibit. Paintings not only hanging on the walls but also on the ceilings give our patients positive visual experiences when visiting our practice. This also enables a welcome distraction to take place for those who might be somewhat anxious.
Please speak to us openly before treatment if you are prone to fear or anxiety during visits to a Dentist. We will be happy to look into various options that will make your dental treatment the best possible.

Foto zum Behandlungsspektrum Zahnarztpraxis Heather E. Bergfeld